Bucy Radebe – O Mohau (Oa Modimo)

Bucy Radebe – O Mohau (Oa Modimo) Mp3 Download

Bucy Radebe O Mohau (Oa Modimo) Mp3 Download

Artist: Bucy Radebe

Song Title: O Mohau (Oa Modimo)

Genre: South african Gospel

Duration: 5 Minutes

File Type: Mp3 Audio

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Lyrics to Bucy Radebe – O Mohau

So the Bible tells us that on the cross
When Jesus was now on the cross
There was this thief called Dismas
Who asked Jesus to take him with to heaven
And after Jesus had forgiven him
And he was able to enter into heaven, o re

“O mohau oa Modimo”
“Ke koetsa e, e kaakang”
E ka ba ofe
E ka ba ofe molomo
“O ka o bolelang, O ka o bolelang”
(‘Na, esale o mphihlela)
“Ke tletse ka ho makala (Ke maketse)”
Ha ke tsebe ho hlalosa (Fela)

Ke maketse fela (‘Na, esale)
“O mphihlela (O mphihlela)”
Ke maketse (Ke maketse fela)

Now, now Joseph this rich man in the Bible
Asked the permission to bury Jesus
“Then he removed His body gently from the cross”
After doing that
Asked the funeral processions going for the tomb
“Miriam sang a song”
“And then this is what Miriam said”

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